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X.Lite 120 Pro CONTROL
Price: €90.00
SALE: €90.00
Weight: 120 gr
Qualify Product:

SRP: 129 EUR

A closed throat racket with the balance slightly towards the head. The stiff frame gives a direct response and a tight sweet-spot for un-paralleled control. Ideally suited to players who tend to middle the ball on a regular basis.

Type of racket: Direct response
String pattern: Control (14)
Balance: Head-heavy
Shape: Closed-throat
Weight: 120 gr (frame only)

5 Unique Points:

1. Eye warranty

Eye gives a 1 year warranty on all rackets. We have a very strict quality control and service is extremely important for us. Read about the conditions on www.eyerackets.com

2. No heavy bumper strip

Research shows that bumper strips guarding racket heads do NOT protect agains breakage in 96% of all cases. Research also shows that the sides of the racket head, between 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock, are the most vulnerable areas when coming into contact with the squash court wall. These areas are not protected by the bumper strip.

3. Each racket comes in 4 different versions

Flexibility: Direct response / Touch
String pattern: Control (14) / Power (12)
Balance: Head-light / Head-heavy
Shape: Teardrop / Open-throat

4. Paint technology

Research also shows that the paint used on rackets can increase the weight of the frame by up to 5%. Eye has developed a simple solution for this that we call Paint Technology.
This minimize the amount of paint on each racket without detracting from its innovative, unique look.

5. Eye string pattern technology

Power vs. Control

String patterns:
Here the string patterns are the biggest influencer. Simply put, a racket with an open string pattern (12x17 strings) provides more power, slice (spin) and is more forgiving with a mishit, while one with a closed pattern (14x18 strings) provides more control when you hit without slice (spin).
Pleas read "Spin potential" for more information.
Eye is the first to launch open string patterns on all its top models!

Spin potential:
Squash players who play with spin/slice may find an open string pattern extreme beneficial.
When the ball is struck with a racket that has an open string pattern, more of the ball is embedded into the space between strings. With fewer strings coming in contact with the ball, the strings grab or "bite" into the nap, which allows you to impact more spin on the ball. This means that those type of players do get more control with an open string pattern. Some spin can still be achieved when playing with a closed-pattern racket, but you will need to hit the ball with al lot more power, to get the same result. Strings in an open string pattern break a lot faster.

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